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These superhero cars leave flying cars in the dust

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Turning a car into a real-life superhero takes some larger-than-life imagination. And maybe access to Final Cut Pro. But the members of the Fiesta Movement, already internet celebrities in their own right, took on the challenge to revamp their cars — and at times themselves — into costumed crusaders for good, all for the chance to go to New York Comic Con. Take a look at how six of the top 10 Fiesta Hero supercars came to life.


Dartanion London

Dartanion London is an alt comic from Seattle, where he's a member of the Jet City Improv troupe. Online, he's known for poking fun at tech trends and hanging out with Big Foot. In this video, his funky '70s Fiesta Hero takes on a villainous banana and demonstrates its superpowers to save a couple of wayward apples. Just go with it.


The Fu

This is Josh and Jacob, and they are the Fu, a pair of musicians who specialize in stop-motion animation, claymation, puppetry, and more. So they're obviously multitalented. They took that talent, combined it with a sense of whimsy, and applied it to creating the Fiesta Hero of their dreams. Or maybe just Josh's vision of superhero car romantic comedy. Point is, this is just pure fun.


Deena Marie

Deena Marie Manzanares is an actor, model, and YouTube filmmaker. Based in Salt Lake City, she's known for her pep, signature glasses, and classic pin-up photography. She and her beloved Fiesta Hero "Unicar" take on crime thanks to the car's many features.


Shane Hartline

Shane Hartline is a heavyweight among Fiesta agents — probably because he got his start in pro wrestling. Since then, he earned a role in the film Rock of Ages, and, with his comedy troupe, Wooden Steel Productions, he creates skits both for the Fiesta Movement and for the sheer fun of it. In this short, Hartline gives his Fiesta the Nolan treatment and turns it into the hero we need right now. With seven airbags to keep passengers protected, of course.


Karen Kavett

San Francisco native Karen Kavett is a YouTuber, DIYer, and graphic designer rolled into one. She spends most of her time vlogging about crafts, fonts, and designs, and occasionally turns her Fiesta into a superhero. She, as Agent Ampersand, and her Fiesta face down their greatest enemy, First World Problems, in ways that make life just a little easier.


Jason Horton

Jason Horton is a comedian who bills himself "The World's Only White Male Comedian." His unique brand of humor has garnered him quite a following. He performs live in Hollywood, and has been featured in Forbes and CNN Money, so he's pretty legit. Watch him here as he transforms into a green Ford Fiesta, almost like he'd been exposed to gamma radiation.


And there you have it. Who among these ten finalists will head to New York to see the best in the world of comics? Stay tuned, and see more of what the Fiesta Movement is up to right here.

Kwame Opam is the Tech Content Producer with the Studio@Gawker

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