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Illustration for article titled Ask emX-23/em Writer Marjorie M. Liu How She Brings Marvel Mutants to Life

Marjorie M. Liu is one of few comic book writers to have taken the story of an established superhero in a completely new direction. Thanks to Ford Fiesta, this is your chance to ask her how she brought the “family” of Marvel’s Wolverine to life.


In case you didn't know, Marjorie is the co-writer of Daken: Dark Wolverine and writer of the 21-issue series X-23. She also happens to have penned issue #51 of Astonishing X-Menthe one where Northstar married his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu.


So go ahead and ask her your questions. Who would win in a fight: Daken, X-23, or Old Man Logan? Why is it traditionally difficult for superheroes to get married, gay or straight? Does she prefer bone claws or adamantium? She's down in the comments below.

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